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Anita and Paul’s e-shoot

Posted by on August 26, 2011

Anita and Paul aren’t getting married for a little while yet, but as Anita is a teacher, she thought it would be a good idea to have their e-shoot during the summer holidays whilst she was nice and relaxed! I popped over to Marple where Anita is from and after a lovely chat about their wedding preparations the three of us headed down to the canal where we had a lovely time playing around the locks and taking photos. With a smile like yours Anita it’s going to be hard to take a bad photograph of you on your wedding day! If you want to earn Anita and Paul a little pre-wedding gift, you can vote for your favourite image below and they will receive a print of the most popular one!

10 Responses to Anita and Paul’s e-shoot

  1. Laura Norton

    Love number 15! although 12 is nice too :)

  2. Samantha Craig

    Image 2 is my favourite!

  3. Ingrid Banerjee

    I love number 2 and number 18.

  4. Banny Banerjee

    My favourites are 2 and 4.

  5. Anita Banerjee

    I like quite a few, but I think 14 is cool as it looks a bit like an album cover!

  6. Sarah Pritchard

    I like a few of them, but there is something zany about number 14


    I like number 2!


    …but I do like the way anita looks in number 14

  9. Kirsty Blay

    Number 2 is my fave (but think 14 is ace too!) Lovely pictures xxx

  10. Nic Carroll

    I’m with you Paul, Anita’s smile in Number 14 is awesome! But I like number 2 the best.

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